Artist Statement


" While looking at painting, the viewer takes in two worlds, simultaneously, on the canvas, so your experience of looking at the painting has various layers of interest. I am interested in this question of dual experience, this wonderful balance between looking and enjoying the painting itself- the surface, how it is made, the expressive force of paint on canvas, and on the other side- a strong emotional response to the image, the content, and thoughts that take you away into reflection."

@SomoS residency, Berlin 2017

Adam Cohn
Born 1983, Israel
12 Years Waldorf school
2003-2007 Jerusalem Studio School (Israel Hershberg)
2004-2006 JSS Summer Program, Italy
2010-2011 New York - studying sculpture with Jonathan Shan
2012 - present- teaching at-Hatahana School for Painting and Drawing, Tel Aviv
2012-2014 teacher at Avni Inst. Tel Aviv
SomoS artist in residence Aug - 0ct 2017
"Surface & Depth", Solo exhibition, SomoS Art Space, Berlin, 2017
Solo Exhibitions:

2020 Rothschild Gallery, curator: Inbar Cohen, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019 Mirvah Gallery,curator: Lea Bar Sela, Harduf,Israel

2017 SomoS artspace, Berlin, Germany

2015 Hatahana Gallery,Curator:Liza Gershuni, Tel Aviv, Israel  

2013 Hatahana Gallery,Curator:Liza Gershuni, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2009 Hamila Gallery,Harduf, Israel

Group Exhibitions

2011 Hanina Gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel

2012 Hatahana Gallery, Curator:Liza Gershuni,Tel Aviv, Israel

2008 Gallery 33, Tel Aviv, Israel


Dubbi Shiff Art Collection,Marina Hotel,Tel Aviv, Israel
private collections in UK,USA,ISRAEL